me =D

Full name : Galuh Friska Cahyani
Nickname : Galuh
Date of Birth : 01 April 1997
Age : 14 years
School :  1 KASIHAN junior high schools nationwide

Ideals  :  lawyers, musicians. members of the House of Representatives
Hobby : twitteran, facebookan, studying English and maths:)

Joint with me at TWITTER @ghaluh_friska and my FACEBOOK , Galuh Mutiara Bersahaja ,and  Galuh Mutiara Bersahaja II

Daily activities:

Open eyes in the morning at 3 am, studying, bathing, school, hanging out with friends, tutoring at school, watching tv, sms’an, sleep at night …. ZZzzzz

Activities have been followed:
chairman of the board of the organization raiser, vice chairman of the intra-school student, class president VIII d, panitia sifoster of PT. XL Axiata Tbk. , Chairman of the editorial in the stroke of a pen, ensamble music, choirs, and others – others:)

A little about me:
for class IX, I reduced all forms of activity that interferes with my learning activities and school, execpt  scout, hehehe

while primary school, I often participated in various writing and painting competitions. there are some awards that I ever could therefore 🙂

I was an only child, which sometimes spoiled to anyone.
I have a cat who always accompany me all day 🙂


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