PRASAKA yeee…. 😀

PRAmuka SAtu KAsihan , hehehe

one of the activities that actually has a strong attraction in my life:)
I became interested in the Boy Scouts since I was in elementary school first.
I felt all that I got from the scouts really fun.
I could add a lot of friends, learn something not everyone know.
cross country, first at the accident pertolaongan, camping, chatting with nature is not foreign to me.

scout in the organization at my school I was acting as a PEMANGKU ADAT or PENANGGUNG JAWAB , I shall always be my friends menjadipemimpin among others, I should be more prudent and fair to them.
Sometimes among DEWAN PENGGALANG here is often a hassle, so at times that my role is required to reconcile them.



I love scout ❤
at the high school on up, I plan to remain active in Boy Scout activities the next level of PENEGAK.


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